Development of Image Processing Program for Yeast Cell Morphology

  title={Development of Image Processing Program for Yeast Cell Morphology},
  author={Miwaka Ohtani and Ayaka Saka and Fumi Sano and Yoshikazu Ohya and Shinichi Morishita},
  journal={Journal of bioinformatics and computational biology},
  volume={1 4},
Every living organism has its own species-specific morphology. Despite the relatively simple ellipsoidal shape of budding yeast cells, the global regulation of yeast morphology remains unclear. In the past, each mutated gene from many mutants with abnormal morphology had to be classified manually. To investigate the morphological characteristics of yeast in detail, we developed a novel image-processing program that extracts quantitative data from microscope images automatically. This program… CONTINUE READING
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