Development of High Tenacity Polypropylene Fibers for Cementitious Composites

  title={Development of High Tenacity Polypropylene Fibers for Cementitious Composites},
  author={Beno{\^i}t de Lhoneux and Reinhard Kalbskopf and Patrick Ryon Kim and Victor Chun Li and Z. Lin and Dirk Vidts and Shuxin Wang and Huichun C. Wu},
This study outlines the major findings of a research program aimed at developing high tenacity polypropylene fibres for cementitious composites. In the first part, it is shown by micromechanical modelling that the use of ordinary high tenacity PP fibres leads to unstable crack propagation and large crack opening at MOR of the composites. The same model indicates that by increasing the level of interfacial frictional and chemical bonding, large improvements of the fibre-cement properties… CONTINUE READING

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