Development of Fe–Nb–Cr–B Glassy Alloys With Low Curie Temperature and Enhanced Soft Magnetic Properties

  title={Development of Fe–Nb–Cr–B Glassy Alloys With Low Curie Temperature and Enhanced Soft Magnetic Properties},
  author={Nicoleta Lupu and Horia Chiriac and Sorin Corodeanu and Gabriel Ababei},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Magnetics},
Fe<sub>67.7</sub>Nb<sub>0.3</sub>Cr<sub>12</sub>B<sub>20</sub> glassy melt-spun ribbons and glass-coated microwires with T<sub>C</sub> around 310-320 K (~35-45°C) (the lowest ever reported for metallic glasses) have been prepared by rapid solidification. Excepting the thick melt-spun ribbons of 40 μm, all samples have a glassy structure in the as-quenched state, consisting of very small Fe-Cr and boride (Fe<sub>3</sub>B) clusters of sizes ranging from several nanometer up to several tens of… CONTINUE READING


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