Development of Coated Conductors by Inclined Substrate Deposition

  title={Development of Coated Conductors by Inclined Substrate Deposition},
  author={U. Poeppel R.B. Balachandran and Beihai Ma and Meiya Li and Brandon L. Fisher and Rachel E. Koritala and D. J. M. Miller},
Inclined substrate deposition (ISD) has the potential for rapid production of high‐quality biaxially textured template layers suitable for YBCO‐coated conductors. We have grown biaxially textured magnesium oxide (MgO) films on Hastelloy substrates by ISD at rapid deposition rates, 20–100 A/sec. Scanning electron microscopy of the ISD MgO films showed columnar grain structures with a roof‐tile‐shaped surface. A small full‐width at half maximum (FWHM) of ≈10° was observed in the φ‐scan for MgO… CONTINUE READING