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Development of Bio-Fertilizers and its Future Perspective

  title={Development of Bio-Fertilizers and its Future Perspective},
  author={Swapna Latha Aggani},
Global warming and climate change have resulted in unexpected drought, stormy rainfalls, extremely high temperature, cold damage and hurricanes in many places around the world where such disastrous tragedy had never occurred in the past decades. Establishing an environmental friendly co-existing mechanism on earth is of vital importance. In recent years, agrochemicals are extensively applied to obtain higher yield. Intensive application of agrochemicals leads to several agricultural problems… 
Utilization of Microbial Consortia as Biofertilizers and Biopesticides for the Production of Feasible Agricultural Product
Simple Summary Recently in agriculture, the usage of chemical pesticides and fertilizers has increased tremendously. Additionally, it shows severe effects on human health, ecosystem, and groundwater.
A fertilizer is a material that is applied to soils to provide macro and micro plant nutrients essential for all the metabolic activities of the plants. Chemical fertilizers are synthetic which are
Potential approach of biofertilizers towards sustainable agriculture: A Review
India's economy thrives on farming, which is the country's most popular occupation. Agricultural fertilisers are essential for proper crop growth and yield. Chemical fertilisers have recently been
Research on the use of bacterial biopreparates in tomato and pepper crops in Romania.
The purpose of this work is to present and use the newest innovative technologies into the agricultural field and replace the traditional polluting products (chemical fertilizers), so that the farmers can reaches a much greater potential over the recorded productions.
Soil fertility challenges and Biofertiliser as a viable alternative for increasing smallholder farmer crop productivity in sub-Saharan Africa
Abstract Low fertility and inefficient management of sub-Saharan African soils have been the major challenges facing productivity among smallholder farmers. Unfortunately, inorganic fertiliser used
A review on effect of biofertilizers on paddy
Biofertilizers are natural fertilizers which are microbial inoculants of bacteria, algae, fungi alone, or in combination. They augment the availability of nutrients to the plant and help in
Results regarding the use of bio-bacterial preparations technology in vegetable crops: researches into the research and development station in agriculture Suceava and Buzău.
The use of intensive chemistry in the agricultural field was a first cause of pollution in the agricultural field. In order to move towards sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture, farmers
Bacillus induced to biosynthesize VOCs & nitriles may benefit agriculture.
Though the study findings are preliminary, soil microbes induced to synthesize VOCs and nitriles may improve plant health and productivity in cucurbit plants.
Improvement of productivity and quality of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) resulting from biofertilizer applications under organic farming
The combined application of biofertilizers showed a higher stimulative impact than the single application of BioFertilizer Baikal EM and was determined as favourable.


Study of Phosphate Solubilization Efficiencies of Fungi and Bacteria Isolated From Saline belt of Purna river basin
The soil in the identified saline area of Amravati district, India was investigated for the study of phosphate solubilization by fungi and bacteria. In the present study 107 samples were collected
Priming Soilless Growing Medium with Disaccharides Stimulated Microbial Biofilm Formation, and Increased Particle Aggregation and Moisture Retention during Muskmelon Transplant Production
Increased soil-moisture retention was the result of a complex, glucose-based, hydrophilic, polysaccharide polymer of bacterial origin that was produced in liquid culture from extracts of primed medium.
Segregation of Nitrogen Fixation and Oxygenic Photosynthesis in the Marine Cyanobacterium Trichodesmium
It is postulate that in the early evolutionary phase of oxygenic photosynthesis, nitrogenase served as an electron acceptor for anaerobic heterotrophic metabolism and that PSI was favored by selection because it provided a micro-anaerobic environment for N2 fixation in cyanobacteria.
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