Development of Anticancer Agents from Plant-Derived Sesquiterpene Lactones.

  title={Development of Anticancer Agents from Plant-Derived Sesquiterpene Lactones.},
  author={Yulin Ren and Jianhua Yu and A Douglas Kinghorn},
  journal={Current medicinal chemistry},
  volume={23 23},
Sesquiterpene lactones are of considerable interest due to their potent bioactivities, including cancer cell cytotoxicity and antineoplastic efficacy in in vivo studies. Among these compounds, artesunate, dimethylaminoparthenolide, and L12ADT peptide prodrug, a derivative of thapsigargin, are being evaluated in the current cancer clinical or preclinical trials. Based on the structures of several antitumor sesquiterpene lactones, a number of analogues showing greater potency have been either… CONTINUE READING