Development of A Teen-Focused Exergame.

  title={Development of A Teen-Focused Exergame.},
  author={Deborah Thompson and Dora A Cantu and Madhur Rajendran and Mayur Rajendran and Tanay Bhargava and Yuting Zhang and Cheng Chen and Yan Liu and Zhigang Deng},
  journal={Games for health journal},
INTRODUCTION Exergames require body movement to play and may be an effective method for enhancing teen physical activity (PA). However, results have been mixed. Innovative methods are needed to develop Exergames that increase and maintain PA. Self-representational avatars, or avatars created from a digital image of an individual, may increase PA (e.g., intensity, duration) during Exergame play. This article addresses this novel idea by describing the development of an Exergame played with a… CONTINUE READING