Development of 240 novel EST-SSRs in Eucalyptus L’Hérit

  title={Development of 240 novel EST-SSRs in Eucalyptus L’H{\'e}rit},
  author={Changpin Zhou and Xudong He and Fagen Li and Qijie Weng and Xiaoli Yu and Yu Wang and Mei Zhi Irene Li and Jisen Shi and Siming Gan},
  journal={Molecular Breeding},
Simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers derived from expressed sequence tag (EST) resources provide great potential for comparative mapping, direct gene tagging of quantitative trait loci and functional diversity studies. Here we report on the development of 240 novel EST-SSRs for the important tree genus Eucalyptus L’Hérit. Of the 240 EST-SSR loci, 218 (90.8 %) were polymorphic among 12 individuals of E. grandis Hill ex Maiden, with the number of alleles per locus (N a), observed heterozygosity… CONTINUE READING