Development in Russia of 170 GHz gyrotron for ITER

  title={Development in Russia of 170 GHz gyrotron for ITER},
  author={A. G. Litvak and G G Denisov and M. V. Agapova and V. E. Myasnikov and L. G. Popov and E. M. Tai and S. V. Usachev and Vladimir E. Zapevalov and A. V. Chirkov and V. I. Ilin and A. N. Kuftin and V. I. Malygin and E. V. Sokolov and E. A. Soluyanova},
  journal={2011 International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves},
The industrial production prototype of the ITER gyrotron was tested at the new test stand in Kurchatov institute with power 1 MW in 500 second pulses, and 0.9MW in 1000 second pulses. Operation reliability of the gyrotron in long pulses and output power modulation characteristics also were studied. Last year one more gyrotron prototype was fabricated and its testing began. Simultaneously at IAP a short pulse gyrotron with an increased size cavity was tested at power 1.5–2 MW. In the long pulse… CONTINUE READING

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