Development and validation of a Myxoma virus real-time polymerase chain reaction assay

  title={Development and validation of a Myxoma virus real-time polymerase chain reaction assay},
  author={Sarah Albini and Brigitte Sigrist and Regula G{\"u}ttinger and C Schelling and Richard K. Hoop and Andrea V{\"o}gtlin},
  journal={Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation},
  pages={135 - 137}
To aid in the rapid diagnosis of myxomatosis in rabbits, a real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the specific detection of Myxoma virus is described. Primers and probe were designed to amplify a 147-bp fragment within the Serp2 gene. The assay was able to detect 23 copies of a synthesized oligo indicating a reliable sensitivity. In addition, the real-time PCR did not detect the Rabbit fibroma virus used in myxomatosis vaccines. The novel PCR was shown to be able to detect Myxoma virus… 
Detection of viral DNA of myxoma virus using a validated PCR method with an internal amplification control.
The IAC-PCR developed meets OIE validation requirements for virological methods and can be used in diagnostic or epidemiological studies of rabbit myxomatosis and confirmed its suitability for the detection of MYXV in clinical material.
Development and validation of a real time PCR for the detection of myxoma virus based on the diploid gene M000.5L/R.
The development and validation of a novel, high accurate real time polymerase chain reaction assay (rtPCR) for the detection of MYXV is described, proving the effectiveness, specificity and sensitivity of this diagnosis tool.
A novel and sensitive real-time PCR system for universal detection of poxviruses
A real-time PCR assay targeting a highly conserved region of the poxvirus genome, thus allowing a pan-Poxvirus detection (Chordopoxvirinae and Entomopox Viruses) and presents low limit of detection (< 1000 DNA copies/reaction).
Molecular methods in detection and epidemiologic studies of rabbit and hare viruses: a review
  • E. Kwit, A. Rzeżutka
  • Medicine, Biology
    Journal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc
  • 2019
An overview of the current state of the art in the molecular detection of lagomorph viral pathogens along with details of their targeted gene or nucleic acid sequence and recommendations for their application is provided.
Rapid and sensitive point-of-care detection of Orthopoxviruses by ABICAP immunofiltration
The novel OPV ABICAP assay could be highly useful for on-site diagnostics of suspected Monkeypox virus infections in areas lacking proper laboratory infrastructure as well as rapid on- site testing of suspected bioterrorism samples.
Molecular analysis has recently demonstrated the extraordinary evolutionary capacity of the myxoma virus, revealing a remarkable process of co-evolution between Australia and Europe.
Cutaneous lesions in pet rabbits following subcutaneous administration of a novel bivalent vaccine against myxomatosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease.
Although a wild virus challenge cannot be definitively excluded, veterinarians and pet-owners should be aware that cutaneous lesions have been observed after vaccination with this novel vaccine in low numbers of rabbits.
Viral Disease in Lagomorphs: A Molecular Perspective
In this chapter, molecular aspects of viruses that infect lagomorphs are summarized, paying particular attention to recent interspecies infections.
The Health and Future of the Six Hare Species in Europe: A Closer Look at the Iberian Hare
The sanitary data regarding the Iberian hare populations from Portugal, which were severely affected by the emergence of a naturally occurring recombinant myxoma virus (MYXV), first reported in mid-2018, are presented.
Myxomatosis, a continually dangerous viral disease of rabbits: current state of knowledge
Myksomatoza blisko 70 lat obecna jest w populacji królików w Europie i pomimo dostępności szczepionek nadal zbiera śmiertelne żniwo, zwłaszcza w małych, przyzagrodowych hodowlach zwierząt. Obok


Characterization of a myxoma virus-encoded serpin-like protein with activity against interleukin-1 beta-converting enzyme
A genomic library of myxoma virus DNA, a leporipoxvirus that causes myxomatosis, was constructed and screened by in vitro transcription-translation and revealed an open reading frame coding for a 34-kDa protein with strong homologies to members of the serpin superfamily.
Myxoma virus in the European rabbit: interactions between the virus and its susceptible host.
This review will examine how MV causes myxomatosis, by examining a selection of the identified immunomodulatory proteins that this virus expresses to subvert the immune and inflammatory pathways of infected rabbit hosts.
Myxoma virus in rabbits.
Development of resistance was encouraged by the emergence of attenuated virus strains which allowed the survival of moderately resistant rabbits, and may have occurred more rapidly in hot climates, as high ambient temperatures increase the survival rate of infected rabbits.
Epidemiology of viral haemorrhagic disease and myxomatosis in a free-living population of wild rabbits
During the study, there was an increase in rabbit numbers as a result of a decrease in mortality from predation which was associated with a increase in mortality due to VHD and in the prevalence of antibodies to V HD.
Viral diseases of the rabbit
Rabbit viral diseases range from oral papillomatosis, with benign clinical signs, to rabbit hemorrhagic disease and myxomatoses, which may result in significant clinical disease and mortality.
Primer3 on the WWW for general users and for biologist programmers.
This chapter assumes acquaintance with the principles and practice of PCR, as outlined in, for example, refs.
Deliberate introduction of the European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, into Australia.
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    Revue scientifique et technique
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Control by myxoma virus was introduced at various sites between 1937 and 1950, spreading all over the Murray-Darling Basin in 1950, and within one year mutations in the virus had led to slightly less virulence, and these continued for the next 50 years.
Biological control of the rabbit in Australia: lessons not learned?
The story of the spread of the European rabbit across Australia, and of the two viruses used to control it, is an interesting way to look at some of the issues associated with biological control.
The Nobel Lectures delivered by the laureates at the ceremonies held each December in Stockholm have hitherto appeared in the Nobel Foundation's annual publication Les Prix Nobel. They are now being
2000 , Primer 3 on the WWW for general users and for biologist programmers
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