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Development and the environment in Asia: a survey of recent literature

  title={Development and the environment in Asia: a survey of recent literature},
  author={Ian A. Coxhead},
Economic growth and environmental damage are associated, but the relationship is neither linear nor even monotonic. This is clearly seen in the diverse experiences of tropical Asian economies over recent decades. The nature of the growth-environment link depends on the changing composition of production and on growth-related changes in techniques and environmental policies; the enforcement of property rights over natural resources and over air and water quality is another important element… Expand
Globalization and the poverty-environment link in Asian Agriculture: Theoretical exploration and a Vietnam case study
The globalization of developing economies has changed the terms both of the growth-poverty nexus and of the poverty-environment tradeoff. Developing countries pursuing comparative advantage throughExpand
International Trade and the Natural Resource “Curse” in Southeast Asia: Does China’s Growth Threaten Regional Development?
China's growth, along with its increasing integration with world markets through WTO accession, abolition of Multifiber Arrangement (MFA) quotas, and reduced trade barriers with ASEAN, is expected toExpand
Globalization and the poverty-environment link in Asian agriculture Paper presented at a conference on "Agricultural Development in Asia: Ideas, Paradigms and Policies Three Decades After" Manila, Philippines, 10-11 November 2005
More than thirty years ago, the green revolution helped tropical Asia to forestall widespread poverty and also slowed the rate of agricultural expansion into forested lands. This took place inExpand
Trade Liberalization, Resource Degradation and Industrial Pollution in Developing Countries: An Integrated Analysis
"Environmental damage" is in reality many different types of phenomena, each with a unique set of causes and characteristics. We present an analytical model identifying intersectoral andExpand
A New Resource Curse? Impacts of China’s Boom on Comparative Advantage and Resource Dependence in Southeast Asia
Summary Due to China’s rapid growth and integration with global markets, Southeast Asia’s poorer economies are losing comparative advantage in labor-intensive manufacturing and gaining it in naturalExpand
Asia’s Wicked Environmental Problems
i»?The developing economies of Asia are confronted by serious environmental problems that threaten to undermine future growth, food security, and regional stability. This study considers four majorExpand
Strong or weak sustainability: a case study of emerging Asia
Sustainability can be weak or strong, depending on the nature of capital accumulation. Weak sustainability is characterized by a non-declining combined stock of capital and assumes that man-madeExpand
Environmental consequences of agricultural commercialization in Asia
  • P. Pingali
  • Economics
  • Environment and Development Economics
  • 2001
Agroindustrialization and agricultural commercialization are both consequences of economic growth and urbanization. Commercialization of agricultural systems leads to greater market orientation;Expand
Trade liberalization, resource degradation and industrial pollution in developing countries
Trade Theory, Analytical Models and Development, comprises 11 essays offering new contributions on the following topics: trade and wages; factor endowments, factor mobility and political economy ofExpand
The environmental cost of water pollution in Chongqing, China
Chongqing is a heavily polluted industrial megacity in China. We have estimated the environmental cost of water pollution in Chongqing. Limiting our inquiry to the resource cost, i.e. real resourcesExpand


Economic Growth, Development Policy and the Environment in the Philippines
In this paper we examine data on environmental quality and natural resource degradation in the Philippines, considering trends over time, and compare the Philippine case with those of its AsianExpand
The Environmental Effects of Stabilization and Structural Adjustment Programs: The Philippines Case
Macroeconomic policies such as decisions on tax credit and international trade can have more "far reaching and pervasive environmental consequences" than decisions on individual investment projects.Expand
Can Trade Liberalization Have Environmental Benefits in Developing Country Agriculture? A Sri Lankan Case Study
Abstract In an economy dominated by agriculture, trade policy reforms and associated changes may induce substantial reallocation of land between more and less erosive uses. However, the direction andExpand
Environment and Development in a Resource-Rich Economy: Malaysia under the New Economic Policy
Malaysia interests development practitioners for many reasons, not least because of its remarkably rich natural environment. This book provides an analysis of major natural resource and environmentalExpand
The Environmental Regime in Developing Countries
This paper discusses the environmental externalities that are commonly found in the developing world (the environmental regime) along with the policy responses, if any, commonly used to deal withExpand
Chapter 39 Poverty, institutions, and the environmental resource-base*
Publisher Summary The chapter discusses the environment and emerging development issues and provides an account of a central aspect of the lives of the rural poor in poor countries based on aExpand
Economic models of tropical deforestation: a review.
As international concern over tropical deforestation has grown over the last ten years, researchers have sought to understand the causes of deforestation and possible solutions using quantitativeExpand
The Interaction of Population Growth and Environmental Quality
An important question for policy is whether holding constant per capita income and other relevant factors population pressures have a significant effect upon environmental degradation. The authorsExpand
The Open Economy And The Environment: Development, Trade and Resources in Asia
Development-environment interactions analytical approaches to the trade-environment relationship growth and the environment in developing Asian economies deforestation and upland land degradation inExpand
Toward an Environmental Strategy for Asia
This paper proposes a framework for accomplishing improved environmental management. The first of its five components is the need to set priorities - an obvious but difficult step imposed byExpand