Development and social change: a genealogy for an era of complexity

  title={Development and social change: a genealogy for an era of complexity},
  author={Ronaldo Munck},
Theories of development and social change most often seek to trace a continuity to the era of Antiquity, presumably to show its centrality to the ‘human condition’ and its universal relevance. It is often submerged within an overarching teleological concept of ‘progress’ that colours all aspects of the theory and its application. For us, following Foucault, the pursuit of origins is necessarily essentialist ‘because it is an attempt to capture the exact, and pure [trans-historical, immanent… Expand
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Nietzsche, Genealogy, History
  • M. Foucault
  • Sociology
  • Language, Counter-Memory, Practice
  • 2019
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