Development and preliminary validation of a mental toughness inventory for Australian football

  title={Development and preliminary validation of a mental toughness inventory for Australian football},
  author={Daniel F. Gucciardi and Sandy Gordon and James A. Dimmock},
  journal={Psychology of Sport and Exercise},
Abstract Objectives This paper describes the development and preliminary evaluation of the Australian football Mental Toughness Inventory (AfMTI). Methods Confirmatory and exploratory factor analyses were employed to explore the factor structure of a pool of items designed to capture the key components of mental toughness in Australian football [Gucciardi, D.F., Gordon, S., & Dimmock, J.A. (2008). Towards an understanding of mental toughness in Australian football. Journal of Applied Sport… Expand
Do developmental differences in mental toughness exist between specialized and invested Australian footballers
Abstract Using a cross-sectional design, the primary purpose of the present study was to examine developmental differences in mental toughness between specialized and invested Australian footballers.Expand
Measuring Mental Toughness in Sport: A Psychometric Examination of the Psychological Performance Inventory–A and Its Predecessor
  • D. Gucciardi
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of personality assessment
  • 2012
The results did not support the psychometric properties of the PPI both in terms of model fit and internal consistency, and conceptual and methodological concerns become important factors when considering the P PI–A as a measure of mental toughness. Expand
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Understanding the coach's role in the development of mental toughness: Perspectives of elite Australian football coaches
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It was reported that once mental toughness had been developed, three perceived underlying mechanisms were required to maintain this construct: a desire and motivation to succeed that was insatiable and internalized, a support network that included sporting and non-sporting personnel, and effective use of basic and advanced psychological skills. Expand
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