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Development and predation in a calanoid copepod Tortanus forcipatus (Giesbrecht)

  title={Development and predation in a calanoid copepod Tortanus forcipatus (Giesbrecht)},
  author={S. Goswami},
Functional response and potential predatory impact of Tortanus dextrilobatus, a carnivorous copepod recently introduced to the San Francisco Estuary
Observations support the hypothesis that non-indigenous invertebrate zooplanktivores can play a significant role, at least seasonally or episodically, in the secondary production dynamics of aquatic ecosystems. Expand
Low rates of predation on planktonic marine invertebrate larvae
In situ observations and experiments to evaluate predation on inverte- brate larvae in near-natural plankton assemblages captured in large-volume in situ corrals recommend confirming natural relationships and predation rates for suspected predator-prey combinations before making assumptions about predator effects. Expand