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Development and its deadlock in Imperial China

  title={Development and its deadlock in Imperial China},
  author={Kent G. Deng}
Chinese Civilisation in the Present
Commentators on China frequently find a continuity of imperial dynastic rule with the rule of the Chinese Communist Party, thus perpetuating the stereotype of Asian despotism, not knowing theExpand
Civilisation and Its Discontents in Contemporary China 現代中国における文明への不満
The governments of both mainland China and of Taiwan have turned their civilisation' into a national heritage, in different but often converging ways. But civil isation was transmitted before withoutExpand
Integrating Regional Space: New Opportunities for Economic Growth
Nowadays, one of the key motivations for regional integration projects is the economic growth which can be generated by the creation of a larger economic space. However, large economic areas do notExpand
Comparative Economic Development in China and Japan
  • E. Weede
  • Economics
  • Japanese Journal of Political Science
  • 2004
Three hundred years ago per capita incomes in China and Japan were about equal and fairly close to the global mean. At the end of the twentieth century Japanese per capita incomes are about as highExpand