Development and evaluation of sustained-release clonidine-loaded PLGA microparticles.

  title={Development and evaluation of sustained-release clonidine-loaded PLGA microparticles.},
  author={Am{\'e}lie Gaignaux and Jonathan R{\'e}eff and Florence Siepmann and Juergen Siepmann and Carine De Vriese and Jonathan Goole and Karim Amighi},
  journal={International journal of pharmaceutics},
  volume={437 1-2},
This work describes the encapsulation of a small, hydrophilic molecule (clonidine) into a PLGA matrix to provide sustained release over more than one month after intra-articular administration. The microparticles were prepared using a double emulsion (w(1)/o/w(2)) method followed by evaporation of the organic solvent. To optimize the efficiency of encapsulation and the mean size of the microparticles, which was targeted around 30 μm, the following parameters were modulated: the viscosity and… CONTINUE READING


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