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Development and Evaluationof a Glucose Analyzer for a Glucose-Controlled InsulinInfusionSystem ( Biostator # { 174 } )

  title={Development and Evaluationof a Glucose Analyzer for a Glucose-Controlled InsulinInfusionSystem ( Biostator \# \{ 174 \} )},
  author={E. Fogt and L. M. Dodd and Ellen M. Jennlng and A. H. Clemens},
The Glucose-Controlled Insulin Infusion System (Biostator) is a modular, computerized, feedback control system for dynamic control of blood glucose concentrations in diabetics. This on-line glucose analyzer for use with whole blood utilizes a novel enzyme (glucose oxidase)-membrane configuration and an electrochemical cell to measure the H202 generated. The analyzer exhibits both shortand long-range stability, and instrument response and analyte concentration are linearly related over the full… 
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