Development and Application of Piezoelectric Materials for Ultrasound Generation and Detection

  title={Development and Application of Piezoelectric Materials for Ultrasound Generation and Detection},
  author={Amir Manbachi and R. S. C. Cobbold},
  pages={187 - 196}
The piezoelectric effect and its converse are the primary means used in biomedical ultrasound for converting acoustical energy into electrical energy and vice versa. Piezoelectricity has found many bioengineering applications ranging from ultrasound imaging and therapeutics, to piezoelectric surgery and microelectromechanical systems, and to biomedical implants with associated energy harvesting. Because of its fundamental importance to the proper functioning of most medical ultrasound systems… 

Inspection and Testing of Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices

This chapter provides an overview of the safety aspects of application of ultrasound in medicine. It starts with the short history of ultrasound methods and devices as well as basic principles of

Applications of Piezoelectrics: Old and New

Piezoelectric materials convert between electrical and mechanical energy and vice versa. They can be found in many different electronic applications from gas sensors to micromotors. While

The application of nanogenerators and piezoelectricity in osteogenesis

This review introduces piezoelectric and triboelectrics materials used as self-powered electrical generators to promote osteogenic proliferation and differentiation due to their electromechanical properties, which could promote the development of promising applications in tissue engineering and bone regeneration.

A review on energy harvesting from ocean waves by piezoelectric technology

Abstract Piezoelectric materials have been widely used to harvest energy from ocean waves. This review is to introduce and review the development of the technologies. First, from comparison of the


Nowadays, piezoelectric energy harvesting technology has been studied and developed significantly by a lot of researchers. Energy harvesting is a process that an ambient waste energy can be collected

A comprehensive review on piezoelectric energy harvesting technology: Materials, mechanisms, and applications

A comprehensive review on the state-of-the-art of piezoelectric energy harvesting is presented, including basic fundamentals and configurations, materials and fabrication, performance enhancement mechanisms, applications, and future outlooks.

Electrical tuning for sensitivity enhancement of a piezo-electric ultrasonic transducer: Simulation and fabrication

In this study, two simple electrical impedance tuning methods derived from Krimholtz, Leedom, and Matthaei (KLM) modeling were proposed for increasing the sensitivity of a piezo-electric

Electromechanical Modeling of MEMS-Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Devices for Applications in Domestic Washing Machines

Microelectromechanical system (MEMS)-based piezoelectric energy harvesting (PEH) devices can convert the mechanical vibrations of their surrounding environment into electrical energy for low-power

Ultrasound Sensors for Process Monitoring in Injection Moulding

The benefits and challenges associated with the recent development of sol-gel methods for HTUT fabrication are described together with a synopsis of further research and development needed to ensure a greater industrial uptake of ultrasonic sensing in injection moulding.


Energy harvesting is raising area of research now as the whole world is looking for clean and green energy as an alternative source. This paper describes energy harvesting from piezoelectric



The use of piezoelectric ceramics for electric power generation within orthopedic implants

This paper presents the results of tests that demonstrate the feasibility of using piezoelectric (PZT) ceramics to generate in vivo electrical energy for orthopedic implants. Sensors encapsulated

Piezoelectricity, its history and applications

This is the 100th anniversary of the discovery of the piezoelectric effect by the brothers Curie. While this was a scientific curiosity for the next third of a century, with the work of Langevin it

Ultrasound and Medicine (A Survey of Experimental Studies)

Experimental investigations indicate that ultrasound may prove useful for therapy, for diagnosis, and for biologic measurement, and is an excellent agent for the structural heating of living tissues.

Piezoelectric surgery: twenty years of use.

Technological characteristics and clinical indications of piezoelectric bone surgery.

The micrometric vibration ensures precise cutting action and at the same time maintains a blood-free site because of the physical phenomenon of cavitation, and permits major interoperative control with a consequent increase in safety especially in anatomically difficult areas.

‘The Electrical Expansion of Quartz’ by Jacques and Pierre Curie

The purpose of this article is to make available in translation their concluding paper, published in 1889, in which the Curies gave a rather more complete description of their work.

Large field-induced strains in a lead-free piezoelectric material.

The results demonstrate the potential of BiFeO(3) as a substitute for lead-based materials in future piezoelectric applications and show that large strains result from moving the boundaries between tetragonal- and rhombohedral-like phases, which changes the phase stability of the mixture.

Lead-free piezoceramics

A lead-free piezoelectric ceramic with an electric-field-induced strain comparable to typical actuator-grade PZT is reported, achieved through the combination of the discovery of a morphotropic phase boundary in an alkaline niobate-based perovskite solid solution, and the development of a processing route leading to highly textured polycrystals.

Multimaterial piezoelectric fibres.

The composition of a phase internal to a composite fibre structure that is simultaneously crystalline and non-centrosymmetric is reported, which shows a piezoelectric response and acoustic transduction from kilohertz to megahertz frequencies.

History and recent progress in piezoelectric polymers

  • E. Fukada
  • Materials Science
    IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control
  • 2000
Recent studies involve submicron films of aromatic and aliphatic polyureas prepared by vapor deposition polymerization in vacuum and the piezoelectricity of polyurethane produced by the coupling of electrostriction and bias electric fields.