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Development Assisted Integration : A Viable Alternative to Long Term Residence in Refugee Camps ?

  title={Development Assisted Integration : A Viable Alternative to Long Term Residence in Refugee Camps ?},
  author={Sara J Feldman},
Since the inception of the refugee protection regime in 1951, refugee camps have been its central organizing concept. In the camp-based model, refugee-producing crises are assumed to be temporary emergencies. In reality, most refugee situations last much longer: 7.89 million of the world’s 12 million refugees and asylum seekers have been in camps for five years or more. While camps are necessary in the emergency phase of a refugee crisis, reliance on a camp-centric policy in protracted refugee… Expand
Humanitarianism and the "National Order of Things": Examining the Routinized Refugee Response in Eastern Cameroon
Despite growing academic interest in refugees and international humanitarian responses, the influx of refugees from the Central African Republic into eastern Cameroon, ongoing since 2005, hasExpand
Greek-Cypriot Refugees’ Welfare a Third of a Century Following their Expatriation: Implications for Local and International Policy
To this day, very little research concerned itself with the social welfare needs of Greek Cypriot refugees. To advance empirical knowledge in this domain 120 randomly selected Greek-Cypriot refugeesExpand
Mental Health Outcomes for Youth Living in Refugee Camps: A Review
The evidence points to a fairly consistent finding of a range of maladjustment problems for youth living in refugee camps, with some studies reporting null effects for disorders like posttraumatic stress disorder and others reporting prevalence as high as 87%. Expand
Psychiatric Disorders in Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons After Forced Displacement: A Systematic Review
A systematic review of the prevalence of psychiatric disorders among forcibly displaced populations in settings of armed conflicts shows a substantial lack of data concerning the wider extent of psychiatric disability among people living in protracted displacement situations. Expand
Is education beneficial in protracted refugee situations? a case study of Somali refugees in Kharaz refugee camp
This project would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the participants, and all those who participated in this study are thanked. Expand
Effectiveness of various refugee settlement approaches