Developing the preceptorship evaluation survey: a multifaceted approach including cognitive interviews.

  • Marsha L Moore
  • Published 2009 in
    Journal for nurses in staff development : JNSD…


Preceptor programs frequently neglect reciprocal evaluations by nurses during their orientation. The Preceptorship Evaluation Survey affords nurses the opportunity to evaluate (1) the preceptor's performance, (2) the preceptorship support at the practice site, and (3) the job satisfaction. This article describes the Preceptorship Evaluation Survey development process. The survey was developed using theoretical constructs of preceptorships found in the literature. Two external reviewers in the field of preceptorships and nursing education provided first-level content and construct validity. Twenty-two local experts representing diverse patient care areas and clinical specialties provided the next level of validity data. Cognitive interviewing, a technique that improves survey design by targeting response error, was performed with 10 recently precepted nurses and resulted in wording changes to add clarity, precision, and further specification of item intent. Three new domains of preceptorship were identified, and their meanings were extended as they apply to the preceptor role. The instrument will be piloted on newly precepted nurses to determine test-retest reliability.

DOI: 10.1097/NND.0b013e3181ae2eba
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