Developing the Reflective Sports Coach: A study exploring the processes of reflective practice within a higher education coaching programme

  title={Developing the Reflective Sports Coach: A study exploring the processes of reflective practice within a higher education coaching programme},
  author={Zoe R. Knowles and David Gilbourne and Andrew Borrie and Alan Michael Nevill},
  journal={Reflective Practice},
  pages={185 - 207}
The present paper offers a brief discussion of two procedural frameworks, action research and reflective practice, drawing on literature from the practical domains of teaching and nursing. Practically, this is demonstrated through a 5-staged process, using qualitative methodologies, which explored perceptions of the 'reflective episode', a reflective skills development programme and associated psychological skills of reflection. (Stages 1-4). A final stage explores the researchers' perceptions… 

Reflecting on reflection: exploring the practice of sports coaching graduates

Recent research has commented on the prevalence and usefulness of reflective practice in specific sports coaching domains. The present paper explores how 6 coaching science graduates from Knowles et

Towards the reflective sports coach: issues of context, education and application

Results indicate that none of the programmes examined contained structures or processes for directly teaching or overtly nurturing reflective skills, but almost all programmes offered a potential structure for this through completion of a coaching log or undertaking a period of mentoring.

The Professionalization of Sports Coaching: A case study of a graduate soccer coaching education program

  • J. B. Kjær
  • Education
    Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education
  • 2019

Reflections on Reflection: Clarifying and Promoting Use in Experienced Coaches

The qualitative evidence gathered enables us to suggest that it is the combination of how to reflect, and against what criteria that makes RP a powerful tool to develop expertise which it has the potential to be.

Exploring the relationship between effective and reflective practice in applied sport psychology

This study offers an investigation into the concept of effective practice in applied sport psychology (ASP) with emphasis being placed upon the role that reflective practice may have in helping

A Coach Development Program: A Guided Online Reflective Practice Intervention Study

ABSTRACT Coaches can influence athlete outcomes, such as performance and personal development; yet, coaches themselves are learners in their own right, who seek to develop their coaching craft.

Improving the delivery of applied sport psychology support through reflective practice.

This article offers an exploration of factors that influence the effectiveness of applied sport psychology delivery through reflection on a series of consulting experiences. Knowledge gained by a

Reflections on the Application of Reflective Practice for Supervision in Applied Sport Psychology

In the UK, sport psychologists are presently supervised under the auspices of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). In the present article, reflective practice is evaluated

Understanding Performance Coach Development: Perceptions About a Postgraduate Coach Education Program

The purpose of this study was to enrich our understanding of formal coach education settings. We investigated how coaches developed knowledge during a postgraduate tertiary coach education course. We

Reflection in a High-Performance Sport Coach Education Program: A Foucauldian Analysis of Coach Developers

Reflection is a contested but taken for granted concept, whose meaning shifts to accommodate the interpretation and interests of those using the term. Subsequently, there is limited understanding of



Action Research and the Professional Development of Teachers in the Health and Physical Education Field: the Australian NPDP experience [1]

ABSTRACT [1] This paper reports experiences from a DEET‐funded NPDP project on Health and Physical Education. In Australia a new ‘national curriculum’ has been developed in the form of Statements and

A three-step method of self-reflection using reflective journal writing.

This paper describes a three-step process of self-reflection encompassing critical appraisal, peer group discussion and self-awareness that was initiated with one group of clinical nursing students.

From theory to practice: The integration of goal perspective theory and life development approaches within an injury-specific goal-setting program

Abstract The psychology of sport injury rehabilitation is an awa of increasing research and practical interest (Heil, 1993: Pugman, 1993). However. there has been little exploration of how

The reflective practitioner in nursing.

  • J. Powell
  • Sociology
    Journal of advanced nursing
  • 1989
The findings are that, of the sample used, reflection-in-action is present extensively in the form of description and of planning of actions, but to a much lesser extent in the area of recognition of value judgements and the areas of reflection- in-action leading to learning taking place.

Reflective practice in nursing: issues and implications for nurse education.

Action research for educational change

Part 1 Action research and professional learning: teachers as researchers - an historical and biographical context supporting professional learning through action research - three case studies. Part

Developing the reflective teacher.

The paper links current knowledge about reflection to the development of reflective thinking and its use by nurse educators and suggests strategies to enhance this development.


The author suggests several activities which are particularly useful in facilitating a reflective nursing practice which may assist educators to encourage students' clinical competency.

Reflective Practice in Nursing the Growth of the Professional Practitioner

Approval of the research and experiences of reflection in the literature and staff nurses experiences - reviewing their views as students and moving on.

Development of Reflective Practice: A Study of Preservice Teachers

Offers a conceptual framework for thinking about reflective teaching and teacher education. Through case studies of 12 preservice teachers, it offers suggestions for how we might better include and