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Developing for personalised learning: the long road from educational objectives to development and feedback

  title={Developing for personalised learning: the long road from educational objectives to development and feedback},
  author={George Tsatiris and Kostas Karpouzis},
objectives to development and feedback George Tsatiris, Kostas Karpouzis Artificial Intelligence and Learning Systems Lab National Technical University of Athens gtsatiris@image.ntua.gr, kkarpou@cs.ntua.gr This paper describes the design and implementation work done to support the functional and teaching requirements of iRead [1], a 4-year EU-funded project on personalised learning technologies to support reading skills. The core software applications developed in the project are a reader… 
AI in (and for) Games
Some of the most common and widely accepted uses of AI/ML in games and how intelligent systems can benefit from those are discussed, elaborating on estimating player experience based on expressivity and performance, and on generating proper and interesting content for a language learning game.


Effects of Game-Based Learning on Academic Performance and Student Interest
An experiment based on the design and deployment of a Monopoly-like board game in the context of a primary school Geography curriculum is presented, to look for improvements in students’ academic performance and will to learn, interest, and positive motivation.
Experimental Analysis of Mastery Learning Criteria
It is argued that a simple exponential moving average method is a suitable technique for mastery criterion and proposed techniques for the choice of a mastery threshold are proposed.
Towards Evidence-informed Design Principles for Adaptive Reading Games
The reciprocal role of theory and design is looked into and transferable lessons for design of educational technologies in the context of HCI are provided.
iRead: Infrastructure and Integrated Tools for Personalized Learning of Reading Skill
iRead is the acronym for the “Infrastructure and integrated tools for personalized learning of reading skills" European Union Horizon-2020 funded project This report briefly presents the iRead
Issues in Data Labelling
Labelling emotion databases is not a purely technical matter. It is bound up with theoretical issues. Different issues affect labelling of emotional content, labelling of the signs that convey
Issues in data labelling. In Emotion-oriented systems (pp. 213-241)
  • 2011