Developing differentiated epithelial cell cultures: airway epithelial cells.

  title={Developing differentiated epithelial cell cultures: airway epithelial cells.},
  author={Reen Wu and Gordon H. Sato and Michael J. Whitcutt},
  journal={Fundamental and applied toxicology : official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
  volume={6 4},
Recent progress in cell culture enables us to grow and to maintain differentiated epithelial cells in a serum-free defined culture environment. Such an epithelial cell culture system free from interference by other nonepithelial cell types should be used widely in studies related to toxicology, carcinogenesis, and disease-related problems. This approach will lead to a better understanding of pathological changes indicated in the injured epithelial layer. The gap of information existing between… CONTINUE READING

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