Developing an Integrated System Supporting Contemporary Home-care

  title={Developing an Integrated System Supporting Contemporary Home-care},
  author={Basile Spyropoulos and Aris Tzavaras and Maria Botsivaly and D Kligopoulos and Ai Filippas and Konstantina Mertika and Tuija Athanassiadis and Eleutherios Koulouris and Dimitrios Liargovas and A Lychounas and Kostas Koutsourakis},
The merging of Informatics, Communication Technology, and Microelectronics in the field of Biomedical Technology facilitates gradually the development of a new Hi-Tec home-care environment. The aim of the present project was the development of an integrated system, addressing crucial aspects of contemporary home - care that comprise of: First, the employment of low-cost commercially available components, supporting home-care patient's vital-signs monitoring and mechanical ventilation. Second… CONTINUE READING

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