Developing a success model of Research Information Management System for research affiliated institutions


Research Information Management System (RIMS) is essential for any research institutes and universities. RIMS should have some effective usability features or success components of its strategic information access and display. The success or failure of the implementation of RIMS is highly dependent on the level of success and user acceptance. The measurement of IS success remains a top concern for researchers, practitioners and managers. Thus, the evaluation of RIMS success is vital. Therefore, the main objective of this paper is to propose a success model of RIMS implementation based on an extensive literature review that shows inter-relationship among IS success factors. Results from the literature review shows that several IS success studies have used and extended DeLone & McLean model in different context such as E-Learning, Learning Management System (LMS), Banking, Project Management, Health Management etc. Prior studies have extended the generic framework of DeLone & McLean model. However, few have extended it to different dimensions such as technological, organization and human perspective. Hence, to fill this gap the proposed model is used to describe the multidimensional factors that influence the success and user acceptance of RIMS. Three important aspects of IS success such as human, organization and technology are studied. Outcomes of this study can be used as a guideline for research institutions' management, RIMS designers and researchers when implementing and using RIMS.

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