Developing a quality measure for clinical inertia in diabetes care.

  title={Developing a quality measure for clinical inertia in diabetes care.},
  author={Dan R Berlowitz and Arlene S. Ash and Mark Glickman and Robert H. Friedman and Leonard M Pogach and Audrey L. Nelson and Ashley T Wong},
  journal={Health services research},
  volume={40 6 Pt 1},
OBJECTIVE To develop a valid quality measure that captures clinical inertia, the failure to initiate or intensify therapy in response to medical need, in diabetes care and to link this process measure with outcomes of glycemic control. DATA SOURCES Existing databases from 13 Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals between 1997 and 1999. STUDY DESIGN Laboratory results, medications, and diagnoses were collected on 23,291 patients with diabetes. We modeled the decision to increase… CONTINUE READING