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Developing a nutrition and diet expert system prototype

  title={Developing a nutrition and diet expert system prototype},
  author={Balqees Ali Al-Dhuhli and Basma Samir Al-Gadidi and Halima Hamed Al-Alawi and Kamla Ali Al-Busaidi},
This research paper aims to present the development of an expert system prototype on nutrition and diet domain using rules-based system technique. The knowledge engineering process started by eliciting knowledge from domain experts from nutrition department in a local university and experts’ recommended websites. To build the logic for this expert system, the knowledge is organized as inputs – middle(through if-then statements and decision tables) and outputs. The system is then captured in… 
Expert system for nutrition care process of older adults
In-lab evaluation results are presented proving the usefulness and quality of the expert system as well as the computational efficiency, coupling and cohesion of the defined ontology.
A healthy nutrition expert system for children
A prototype for a children nutrition expert system which generates healthy meals for children in different ages according to different criteria including their growth stage, gender, and their health status is proposed.
DANES: Diet and Nutrition Expert System for Meal Management and Nutrition Counseling
“Your body is your temple” As people across the globe are becoming more health conscious, eating more healthy food and avoiding junk food, a system that can measure calories and nutrition in every
A hybrid recommender system considering the nutritional information and user preferences
A new intuitive versatile framework is presented that empowers automated flow of process dependent on client's clicked pictures and gives dietary intercession while following clients' dietary and physical exercises.
iDietScoreᵀᴹ: Meal Recommender System for Athletes and Active Individuals
Individualized meal planning is a nutrition counseling strategy that focuses on improving food behavior changes. In the sports setting, the number of experts who are sports dietitians or
A service-based system for malnutrition prevention and self-management
The design is presented of a distributed system that enables homecare management in the context of self-feeding and malnutrition prevention through balanced nutritional intake and demonstrates its holistic user-centred scalable approach for malnutrition self-management.


Constructing a nutrition diagnosis expert system
100 chronic kidney disease patients under hemodialysis from a university hospital are selected and it is found that the expert system is faster and more accurate than human dietitian.
Building a case-based diet recommendation system without a knowledge engineer
The approach is based on case-based reasoning, an artificial intelligence technique that finds increasing entry into industrial practice and promises to allow a significantly more widespread development and practical deployment of CBR systems in a large variety of application domains including many medical applications.
Web Expert System for Nutrition Counseling and Menu Management
The web expert system can analyze nutrients in menus and compare nutrient contents of menus with Korean Recommended Dietary Allowance, and can access the food, dish and menu database, which is expected to be useful of nutrition education, nutrition counseling and expert menu management.
Benefits of a Knowledge-based System for Parenteral Nutrition Support: a Report after 5 Years of Routine Daily Use
A knowledge-based system called VIE-PNN at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) supports the daily calculation of nutrition plans for combined parenteral and enteral nutrition of newborn infants utilizing textbook knowledge and clinical rules of expert neonatologists.
Web-based expert systems: benefits and challenges
The original theory and concepts in conventional ES were reviewed and a knowledge engineering framework for developing them was revisited, and the benefits and challenges are discussed by comparing them with traditional standalone systems from development and application perspectives.
A Conceptual Model of Knowledge Elicitation
This article reports briefly on certain work conducted at the University of Lund to investigate the problems and motives involved in the development of expert systems. According to the results of a
Knowledge management : challenges, solutions, and technologies
This new book approaches knowledge management (KM) from several perspectives: it spans electrical engineering, artificial intelligence, information systems, and business. Comprehensive yet clearly
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