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Developing Quality Metadata: Building Innovative Tools and Workflow Solutions

  title={Developing Quality Metadata: Building Innovative Tools and Workflow Solutions},
  author={Cliff Wootton},
3DPublish: solución web para crear museos virtuales 3D dinámicos
Hoy en dia los museos de todo el mndo ofrecen sus contenidos a traves de 2 metodos basicamente: una simple vista de sus obras a traves de un visualizador de contenidos, o a traves de una exposicion
Design and Development of a Metadata-Driven Search Tool for use with Digital Recordings
Results from the study determined that the produced tool provided a more comprehensive and flexible search for users to locate content from within AECT Legends and Legacies Project video interviews.
Understanding of user's discussion by topic analysis over social networking sites finding potential for civic engagement and e-readiness in society
Current research is employing a framework which tracks the topic in a thread of discussion and verifies if in a chain of discussion participants stick to the topics or de-tracks the discussion, which can be further used to interpret the utility of social media for serious discussions.
Metadata extraction and classification of YouTube videos using sentiment analysis
A technique for extracting and analysing metadata from a video, followed by decision making related to the video content, and uses sentiment analysis for such a classification to determine the existence of illicit multimedia content on the Web.
A web application created using the NASA WebWorldWind framework capable of visualizing n-dimensional data using a Voxel model, which handled social media data and Call Detailed Records of telecommunication networks retrieved from the "BigData Challenge 2015" of Telecom Italia.
Enhanced (meta)model for Helpdesk Support Services
This paper presents some of the developed processes and methods applicable to a larger number of companies, which are in its nature, dealing with the same or similar jobs and for which a metamodel for processes is presented.
Evaluation and improvement of semantically-enhanced tagging system
TE is a tagging system proposing solutions to the problems of multilingualism, lack of semantic meaning and shorthand writing through the aid of semantic and social resources and the current research is presenting an addition in the form of an embedded stemming component to provide a solution to the different lexical form problems.
3Dpublish: A Web-Based Solution for Building Dynamic 3D Virtual Museums:
A 3DPublish tool which represents an alternative to these two static solutions thereby giving the possibility to dynamically manage a 3D virtual scenario and the artwork that composes it and gives the user a most realistic experience through different exhibitions.
A New Support for Objects Classification in Multimedia Information Retrieval
Questo lavoro presenta una nuova metodologia per l'Information Retrieval System relativo a collezioni di dati multimediali. L'aproccio innovativo consiste, tra l'altro, nell'uso di una nuova metodica
Extensible metadata repository for information systems
Thesis submitted to Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master in Computer Science