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Developing Occupational and Family Resilience among US Migrant Farmworkers

  title={Developing Occupational and Family Resilience among US Migrant Farmworkers},
  author={Ellen Ernst Kossek and Ellen Burke},
  journal={Social Research: An International Quarterly},
  pages={359 - 372}
Drawing on key themes emerging from an earlier empirical interview study with working mothers who were U.S. migrant farm workers, this paper presents a current literature review identifying migrant workers’ work and family policy opportunities and challenges with future research directions. The themes are: acculturative stress, occupational and family resilience, and employer power and control. We discuss how these themes reflect opportunities, demands and constraints related to the unique work… Expand
Parent-Adolescent Communication as a Protective Factor Against Adolescent Alcohol and Tobacco Use: Reported Narratives From Youth From Latinx Farmworker Families
Due to high stressors and inequities, youth from Latinx migrant farmworker (LMFW) families may experience an elevated risk of early drinking and smoking. Parent-adolescent communication can protectExpand
Factors Affecting Health Care Access and Utilization Among U.S. Migrant Farmworkers
Factors Affecting Health Care Access and Utilization Among U.S. Migrant Farmworkers by Melinda R. Kelly MSN, Walden University, 2011 BSN, Grand Canyon University, 2008 Dissertation Submitted inExpand
Reflections on Resilience. A Teacher’s Professional Learning Journey
The purpose of this study is to describe and reflect on the route a teacher followed to implement an inquiry-basedprofessional learning cycle in her everyday practice and form a conceptual frameworkExpand


Sustaining work force inclusion and well-being of mothers on public assistance: Individual deficit and social ecology perspectives☆
Abstract This study compared theoretical perspectives on the psychological and paid labor activity implications of mandating mothers initially on US welfare to participate in labor force activities.Expand
Trabajando duro todos los dias : Learning from the life experiences of Mexican-origin migrant families
Abstract: The agricultural economy in the United States has relied heavily on migrant farmworkers and, in particular, on Latinos. However, migrant families remain one of the most disadvantaged groupsExpand
Examining the Effects of Mexican Serial Migration and Family Separations on Acculturative Stress, Depression, and Family Functioning
This study examined the role of parent-child separations during serial migration to the United States in predicting individual- and family-level outcomes in Mexican immigrant families. We assessedExpand
Gender and Employment Among Latino Migrant Farmworkers in Michigan
Th is study investigates Latino farmworkers in Michigan in regard to “occupational cycles,” defined as changes in types of jobs during the year. Data for this study came from a survey of 350Expand
Linking parents' work pressure and adolescents' well-being: insights into dynamics in dual-earner families.
Structural equation models revealed that the effects of work pressure on adolescent well-being were mediated by parental role overload and parent-adolescent conflict. Expand
Acculturative Stress, Anxiety, and Depression among Mexican Immigrant Farmworkers in the Midwest United States
The overall findings suggest that Mexican immigrant farmworkers who experience elevated levels of acculturative stress may be “at risk” for experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression. Expand
Acculturative stress in Latino Immigrants: The impact of social, socio-psychological and migration-related factors
Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate factors that predict acculturative stress in a nationally representative sample of Latino migrants. The participants in this study were 2059Expand
Toward a definition of family resilience: integrating life-span and family perspectives.
Family resilience is a relatively new construct that describes how families adapt to stress and bounce back from adversity and implications for extending the study of family resilience drawn from research on individual resilience are discussed. Expand
Work and Family : An International Research Perspective
Contents: J.N. Cleveland, E.A. Fleishman, Series Foreword. V.E. Schein, Foreword. S. Poelmans, Editorial Introduction. Part I:Individual-International Perspective. S. Poelmans, M. O'Driscoll, B.Expand
Family resilience: a framework for clinical practice.
  • F. Walsh
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Family process
  • 2003
An overview of a family resilience framework developed for clinical practice is presented, and its advantages are described to suggest the broad utility of this conceptual framework for intervention and prevention efforts to strengthen families facing serious life challenges. Expand