• Political Science
  • Published 1984

Deux méthodes d'investigation irréductibles mais complémentaires

  title={Deux m{\'e}thodes d'investigation irr{\'e}ductibles mais compl{\'e}mentaires},
  author={G{\'e}rard Winter},
TWO IRREDUCIBLE,THoUGH COMPLEMENTARY METHODS OF INQUIRY On ihe basis of the tnost recent rvorks carried out by the multidisciplinary AMIlU Group, ihe author first distinguishes, and even opposes trvo methods of representaiion of social reality, namely Statistics and the Social sciences. Apart from the classical, though umbiguous disiinction between and t< quantitative snrveys lj, ihe question posed concerns fhe validity of generaliAng 10 unobserved reality tha conclusions drawn from… CONTINUE READING