Deubiquitinating function of adenovirus proteinase.

  title={Deubiquitinating function of adenovirus proteinase.},
  author={Maxim Y. Balakirev and Michel Jaquinod and Arthur L. Haas and Jadwiga Chroboczek},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={76 12},
The invasion strategy of many viruses involves the synthesis of viral gene products that mimic the functions of the cellular proteins and thus interfere with the key cellular processes. Here we show that adenovirus infection is accompanied by an increased ubiquitin-cleaving (deubiquitinating) activity in the host cells. Affinity chromatography on ubiquitin aldehyde (Ubal), which was designed to identify the deubiquitinating proteases, revealed the presence of adenovirus L3 23K proteinase (Avp… CONTINUE READING
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