Detrimental role of CC chemokine receptor 4 in murine polymicrobial sepsis.

  title={Detrimental role of CC chemokine receptor 4 in murine polymicrobial sepsis.},
  author={Tobias Traeger and Wolfram Kessler and Volker Assfalg and Katharina Cziupka and Pia Koerner and Constanze Dassow and Katrin Breitbach and Marlene Mikulcak and Ivo Steinmetz and Klaus Pfeffer and C. -D. Heidecke and Stefan Heinrich Maier},
  journal={Infection and immunity},
  volume={76 11},
CC chemokine receptor 4 (CCR4) and its two ligands, CCL17 and CCL22, are critically involved in different immune processes. In models of lipopolysaccharide-induced shock, CCR4-deficient (CCR4(-/-)) mice showed improved survival rates associated with attenuated proinflammatory cytokine release. Using CCR4(-/-) mice with a C57BL/6 background, this study describes for the first time the role of CCR4 in a murine model of polymicrobial abdominal sepsis, the colon ascendens stent peritonitis (CASP… CONTINUE READING


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