Detomidine-butorphanol sedation in equine clinical practice.

  title={Detomidine-butorphanol sedation in equine clinical practice.},
  author={Paul M. Taylor and Amber Browning and Charles P. Harris},
  journal={The Veterinary record},
  volume={123 15},
Combinations of detomidine (mean dose rate 13 micrograms/kg) and butorphanol (mean dose rate 26 micrograms/kg) were used to sedate 61 horses for a variety of surgical or diagnostic procedures in general equine practice. Three horses were sedated on more than one occasion. The degree of sedation was graded from 3 to 0 (deep sedation to no effect) and any side effects were recorded. Forty-three per cent of the horses were graded 3, 46 per cent were graded 2, 8 per cent were graded 1 and 3 per… CONTINUE READING

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