Deterministic primality tests based on tori and elliptic curves


We develop a general framework for producing deterministic primality tests based on commutative group schemes over rings of integers. Our focus is on the cases of algebraic tori and elliptic curves. The proposed general machinery provides several series of tests which include, as special cases, tests discovered by Gross and by Denomme and Savin for Mersenne and Fermat primes, primes of the form 2 l+1 −2 +1, as well as some new

DOI: 10.1016/j.ffa.2011.07.011

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@article{Gurevich2012DeterministicPT, title={Deterministic primality tests based on tori and elliptic curves}, author={Alexander Gurevich and Boris Kunyavskii}, journal={Finite Fields and Their Applications}, year={2012}, volume={18}, pages={222-236} }