Deterministic approximation algorithms for the nearest codeword problem

  title={Deterministic approximation algorithms for the nearest codeword problem},
  author={Noga Alon and Rina Panigrahy and Sergey Yekhanin},
  booktitle={Algebraic Methods in Computational Complexity},
The Nearest Codeword Problem (NCP) is a basic algorithmic question in the theory of error-correcting codes. Given a pointv ∈ F2 and a linear spaceL ⊆ F n 2 of dimensionk NCP asks to find a point l ∈ L that minimizes the (Hamming) distance fromv. It is well-known that the nearest codeword problem is NP-hard. There fore approximation algorithms are of interest. The best efficient approximation a lgorithms for the NCP to date are due to Berman and Karpinski. They are a deterministic algorithm that… CONTINUE READING
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