Determining weak phases from B->J/Psi P decays

  title={Determining weak phases from B->J/Psi P decays},
  author={Martin Jung},
  journal={Physical Review D},
  • M. Jung
  • Published 10 June 2012
  • Physics
  • Physical Review D
The decay B ! J= KS remains the most important source of information for the Bd mixing phase, determined by the CKM angle in the standard model. When aiming at a precision appropriate for present and coming high luminosity colliders, the corresponding hadronic matrix elements are a major obstacle, as their precise calculation is still not feasible with existing methods. Flavour symmetries oer a possibility to extract them from data, however again with limited precision. In this article, we… 

Penguin contributions to B to J/Psi P Decays

The high precision to which the standard model has been confirmed implies that new physics effects have to be small in the observed processes. Together with the outstanding precision expected from

Recent topics in CP violation

Recent topics regarding CP violation in heavy meson systems are discussed. As an introduction, the status of the Unitarity Triangle fit and CP violation in B meson mixing are briefly reviewed. Two

Towards new frontiers in CP violation in B decays

CP-violating effects in decays of B mesons offer a wide spectrum of probes for testing the phase structure of the quark-flavour sector of the Standard Model. After a brief discussion of the picture

Theory of CP violation in B decays

  • K. Vos
  • Physics
    Proceedings of The International Conference on B-Physics at Frontier Machines — PoS(BEAUTY2018)
  • 2018
The study of CP violation in $B$-meson decays has already reached a high level of precision, which will be pushed even higher in the future era of Belle-II and the LHCb upgrade. %Important probes of

Measurement of CP violation in B 0 → J/ΨK 0 S decays with the LHCb experiment

This thesis presents the LHCb measurement of CP violation in decays of neutral B0 mesons and their anti-particles into the J/ψK0 S final state. The interference of the B 0–B0 mixing with the decay

The CKM Parameters

The Cabibbo–Kobayashi–Maskawa (CKM) matrix is a key element in describing flavor dynamics in the Standard Model. With only four parameters, this matrix is able to describe a large range of phenomena

On the correlations between flavour observables in minimal U(2)3 models

A bstractWe point out a number of correlations between flavour observables present in a special class of models, to be called MU(2)3, with an approximate global U(2)3 flavour symmetry, constrained by

CP violation and CKM studies (and first LHCb Run II results)

The LHC is the new b-hadron factory and will be dominating flavour physics until the start of Belle II, and beyond in many decay modes. While the $B$ factories and Tevatron experiments are still



The Golden Modes B0 ---> J/psi K(S,L) in the Era of Precision Flavour Physics

CP violation is a major challenge of contemporary particle physics. It has been discovered in kaon decays and appears also in B decays, where the B 0 → J/ψK S,L channels are considered to be clean

Evidence for an excess of B → D(*)τν decays

Improved measurements of the ratios R(D(*))=B(B[over ¯]→D(*)τ(-)ν[ over ¯](τ))/B( B[over¯]→B(*)ℓ(ℑ)(-)ν [over ¯](ℒ)), where ℓ is either e or μ, are reported, which are sensitive to new physics contributions in the form of a charged Higgs boson.

The Effect of Penguins in the B_d to J/psi K^0 CP asymmetry

Performing a fit to the available experimental data, we quantify the effect of long-distance contributions from penguin contractions in B 0 → J/ψK 0 decays. We estimate the deviation of the mea-sured S

Predictions of selected flavour observables within the Standard Model

This letter gathers a selection of Standard Model predictions issued from the metrology of the CKM parameters performed by the CKMfitter group. The selection includes purely leptonic decays of

Effect of penguin operators in the B0 --> J/psiK0 CP asymmetry.

This work quantifies the effect of long-distance contributions from penguin contractions in B0 --> J/psiK0 decays and estimates the deviation of the measured S(CP) term of the time-dependent CP asymmetry from sin2beta induced by these contributions and by the penguin operators.

Broken SU(3) Symmetry in Two-Body B Decays

The decays of B mesons to two-body hadronic final states are analyzed within the context of broken flavor SU(3) symmetry, extending a previous analysis involving pairs of light pseudoscalars to decays

Constraints on new physics in $B-\bar{B}$ mixing in the light of recent LHCb data.

We perform model-independent statistical analyses of three scenarios accommodating New Physics (NP) in Delta F=2 flavour-changing neutral current amplitudes. In a scenario in which NP in B_d-B_d-bar

CP violation and the CKM matrix: assessing the impact of the asymmetric B factories

Abstract.We present an up-to-date profile of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix with emphasis on the interpretation of recent CP-violation results from the B factories. For this purpose, we review