Determining the heritable component of dairy cattle foot lesions.


Lameness and hoof health affect dairy cows as an animal welfare issue, in decreased milk production, and in premature culling. Selection schemes for dairy cattle focus on sire contribution to milk production, with little consideration of the cow's physical structure or disease probability. On 3 commercial California dairies, 6 phenotypic binary hoof traits… (More)
DOI: 10.3168/jds.2012-5485


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@article{Oberbauer2013DeterminingTH, title={Determining the heritable component of dairy cattle foot lesions.}, author={A M Oberbauer and Sharon L Berry and Janelle M. Belanger and R M McGoldrick and J M Pinos-Rodriquez and Thomas R Famula}, journal={Journal of dairy science}, year={2013}, volume={96 1}, pages={605-13} }