Determining representations from invariant dimensions

  title={Determining representations from invariant dimensions},
  author={Michael Larsen and Richard Pink},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
This paper is motivated by the following "Tannakian" question: to what extent is a complex Lie group, G, and a finite dimensional representation, (p, V) of G, determined by the dimensions of the various invariant spaces W G, where the W are obtained from V by linear algebra? That is, given dim((Sym2(V)a), dim((A 3 V)~), etc., can one determine (G, p)? This problem arises, for instance, in the cohomological study of exponential sums; we intend to apply the below results to the problem of… 

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A compact Lie group G and a faithful complex representation V determine the Sato-Tate measure μG,V on C, defined as the direct image of Haar measure with respect to the character map g 7→ tr(g|V ).

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A compact Lie group G and a faithful complex representation V determine a Sato-Tate measure, defined as the direct image of Haar measure on G with respect to the character of V. We give a necessary


1.2. Variants. We may consider the same notion when $G$ and $H$ are complex reductive groups, and $\hat{G}$ is taken to be the set of equivalence classes of irreducible rational representations. By

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Preface.- Basic Concepts.- Semisimple Lie Algebras.- Root Systems.- Isomorphism and Conjugacy Theorems.- Existence Theorem.- Representation Theory.- Chevalley Algebras and Groups.- References.-

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Les Elements de mathematique de Nicolas Bourbaki ont pour objet une presentation rigoureuse, systematique et sans prerequis des mathematiques depuis leurs fondements. Ce premier volume du Livre sur

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: We consider the generalized doubling integrals of Cai, Friedberg, Ginzburg and Kaplan. These generalize the doubling method of Piatetski-Shapiro and Rallis and represent the standard L-function for