Determiner phrase structure and concord in Mə̀dʉ́mbὰ

  title={Determiner phrase structure and concord in Mə̀dʉ́mbὰ},
  author={Constantine Kouankem},
  journal={South African Journal of African Languages},
  pages={59 - 64}
  • Constantine Kouankem
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science
  • South African Journal of African Languages
  • This article investigates the Mə̀dʉ́mbὰ determiner phrase (DP) and proposes an account of the DP-internal agreement phenomenon. In Mə̀dʉ́mbὰ, multiple modifiers agree with the head noun in the same DP. Following the logic of Pollock's (1989) Split Inflexional Phrase (IP) hypothesis, many instances of agreement logically call for the projection of numerous agreement phrases (AgrPs). The article argues however, that despite the presence of so many instances of agreement in the Mə̀dʉ́mbὰ DP, we do… CONTINUE READING

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