Determinations of total carotenoids and chlorophylls a and b of leaf extracts in different solvents

  title={Determinations of total carotenoids and chlorophylls a and b of leaf extracts in different solvents},
  author={H. Lichtenthaler and A. Wellburn},
  journal={Biochemical Society Transactions},
Various equations for the determinations of total chlorophyll and individual amounts of chlorophylls a and b in extracts from plant tissues exist (see Holden, 1976) and some of them (e.g. Arnon, 1949) are widely used. [...] Key Result 40-6O0C)/dioxane/propan-2-ol (7 :3 : 1, by vol.) as developing solvent, fresh samples of chlorophyll a and b uncontaminated with each other were readily available for re-evaluation of the published specific absorption coefficients.Expand

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