Determinations of nonprotein nitrogen content of cheese whey.


Nonprotein nitrogen in pooled sweet (Cheddar and Dagano) and acid (cottage) wheys was estimated by currently proposed dialysis and chemical precipitation methods. Kjeldahl nitrogen analyses of (a) membrane retentates after water dialysis, and (b) 12% trichloroacetic acid plus .2% phosphotungstic acid filtrates indicated that nonprotein nitrogen values vary significantly with the method of sample preparation. Membrane porosity influence nonprotein nitrogen values for molecular weight cut-offs of 3500, 6000 to 8000 and 12,000 to 14,000. Dialyzable nitrogen values with all membranes were lower than 12% trichloroacetic acid soluble nitrogen for both wheys and higher than the 12% trichloroacetic acid + .2% phosphotungstic acid soluble nitrogen for all but the 3500 molecular weight cut-off membrane. The dialyzable nonprotein nitrogen fraction was heterogeneous but more that 80% was less than 3500 in molecular weight.

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