Determination of total catechins in tea extracts by HPLC and spectrophotometry.

  title={Determination of total catechins in tea extracts by HPLC and spectrophotometry.},
  author={Qiang He and Kai Yao and Dongying Jia and Haojun Fan and Xuepin Liao and Bi Shi},
  journal={Natural product research},
  volume={23 1},
HPLC and spectrophotometric methods were developed for the determination of total catechins in tea extracts. A comparison was made of the two methods after validation. The HPLC method was carried out using a Hypersil ODS C(18) column and a methanol-0.2% acetonitrile gradient elution. This method showed good resolution of individual catechins, and was found to be precise for the quantification of total catechins (summed individual catechins). The spectrophotometric method was used to monitor the… CONTINUE READING