Determination of thiocyanate in human saliva and urine by ion chromatography.

  title={Determination of thiocyanate in human saliva and urine by ion chromatography.},
  author={Yoshimasa Michigami and Kiyonaga Fujii and Keisuke Ueda and Yorihiro Yamamoto},
  journal={The Analyst},
  volume={117 12},
A simple ion-chromatographic method has been developed for the determination of trace amounts of thiocyanate in human saliva and urine. Thiocyanate separation and detection were carried out on an ODS column coated with cetyldimethylamine and by an ultraviolet detector, respectively. Citrate solution (1 mmol l-1) was used as the mobile phase. Thiocyanate was clearly separated from many organic and inorganic anions found in saliva and urine samples. The analytical results obtained by the proposed… CONTINUE READING

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