Determination of the glycogen content in single neutrophil leukocytes using a micromodel of leukocyte glycogen.


The kinetics of the periodic acid oxidation as part of the periodic acid-Schiff reaction was studied by combined microinterferometry and microspectrophotometry in micromodel systems of liver glycogen and leukocyte glycogen as well as in neutrophil leukocytes. The initial formation of Schiff-positive chromogens was more rapid in neutrophil leukocytes than in liver or leukocyte glycogen. The chromogen formation was, however, practically complete within 60 min in both neutrophil leukocytes and leukocyte glycogen, but this did not appear to be the case in liver glycogen. Differences in the rate of chromogen formation may depend on various factors such as differences in the source and treatment of the glycogen. The complete periodic acid-Schiff reaction appears to be a measure of the glycogen amount in neutrophil leukocytes and the microdroplet system of leukocyte glycogen is considered to be an appropriate model for the estimation of the glycogen amount in single neutrophil leukocytes. A mean value of 13.3 10-12 g glycogen per normal human neutrophil was found.


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