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Determination of the concentrations of zinc and vitamin C in oysters and some medicinal plants used to correct male factor infertility.

  title={Determination of the concentrations of zinc and vitamin C in oysters and some medicinal plants used to correct male factor infertility.},
  author={Modupe Ogunlesi and W. O. Okiei and Edith Ofor and Olugbenga Awonuga},
Zinc and vitamin C have been found to be essential for male factor fertility. In this study we report the concentrations of zinc and vitamin C in several plants which are being used in herbal medicine to correct male factor infertility. Some of these, namely, Momordica charantia, Newbouldea laevis (leaves) and Rauvolfia vomitoria (leaves) were found to have high concentrations of both zinc and vitamin C which indicate that there is a scientific basis for their use in correcting male factor… 

Protective Effect of Vitamin C and Zinc as an Antioxidant Against Chemotherapy-Induced Male Reproductive Toxicity

Zinc could improve cyclophosphamide-induced toxicity of the reproductive system in male mice by improving the sperm count and the Tubule Differentiation Index showed an increase in the cycloph phosphamide-Zinc-Vitamin C group in comparison with the cyclophileosphamide group.

First comprehensive study on total contents and hot water extractable fraction of selected elements in 19 medicinal plants from various locations in Nyamira County, Kenya.

Walnut leaf extract acts as a fertility agent in male Wistar albino rats – A search for herbal male fertility enhancer

It is demonstrated that Tetracarpidium conophorum leaf possesses fertility-enhancing property and have useful effects on spermatogenesis and sperm parameters in rats.

Biochemical and Haematological Effects of the Leaf Extract of Newbouldia laevis in Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Rats

Administration of DME has significant ameliorative effect on alloxan-induced anaemia and other haematological alterations in diabetes and this may be of immense benefits in the management of diabetes and its associated haem atological complications.


A total of forty eight (48). 16 weeks old (1.825 ± 0.06 kg) cocks were selected to assess the effect of cold aqueous extract of Moringa oleifera (MoALE) leaves on relative organ weight, semen quality

An Overview on Traditional Medicinal Plants as Aphrodisiac Agent

This paper presents a review of plants identified from various ethno botanical surveys and folklore medicinal survey with aphrodisiac activity with potential to overcome the problem of Male sexual (or) erectile dysfunction.

Cissus populnea (Guill & Perr): A Study of the Aqueous Extract as Potential Spermatogenic Enhancers in Male Wistar Rats

Oral administration of C. populnea aqueous extract improves spermatogenesis in male wistar rats and testicular histology shows better packed spermatozoa in group of rats treated with Cissus populnea.

Antihyperglycemic Studies on the Leaf Extract and Active Fractions of Newbouldia laevis (Bignoniaceae)

Newbouldia Laevis possess antihyperglycemic activities and can be the basis for the folk use N. laevis in management of diabetes mellitus.

Effect of Cooking Method on Vitamin C Loses and Antioxidant Activity of Indigenous Green Leafy Vegetables Consumed in Western Uganda

Indigenous green leafy vegetables are known to contain high levels of antioxidants and are recommended in the management of chronic diseases. However, their consumption has received lower patronage.

Improving Reproductive Hormones, Semen Quality, and Antioxidative Capacity of Rabbit Bucks Administrated with Moringa Seeds Extract

It could be suggested that oral supplementation of EMS (900, 1200, and 1500 mg/buck) is a suitable tool for improving semen quality, antioxidant status, and reproductive traits of rabbit bucks, particularly EMS at a level of 900mg/buck.



Male infertility: nutritional and environmental considerations.

  • S. Sinclair
  • Biology
    Alternative medicine review : a journal of clinical therapeutic
  • 2000
A multi-faceted therapeutic approach to improving male fertility involves identifying harmful environmental and occupational risk factors, while correcting underlying nutritional imbalances to encourage optimal sperm production and function.

Reproduction in male rats is vulnerable to treatment with the flavonoid‐rich seed extracts of Vitex negundo

It is inferred that the seed extracts of V. negundo interfere with male reproductive function without producing adverse toxicity in other vital organs.

In vitro assessment of antioxidant activity of Newbouldia laevis

Poverty, drug resistance and other factors including increasing difficulty in the control of mosquitoes (the vector of the causative organism of malaria), have led to a growing interest in

Phytochemisty and Spermatogenic Potentials of Aqueous Extract of Cissus populnea (Guill. and Per) Stem Bark

It is concluded that oral administration of aqueous extracts of the stem bark of Cissus populnea over a 72-day period to human subjects apparently had no fertility enhancement effects on sperm parameters monitored in this study.

Anti‐sickling potential of a Nigerian herbal formula (ajawaron HF) and the major plant component (Cissus populnea L. CPK)

The herbal formula (HF) aqueous extract showed the highest anti‐sickling activity on a weight by weight basis of all the extracts and fractions tested, giving a 71.4% inhibition of sickling at the end of 180 min incubation when compared with the normal saline control.

Hypoglycaemic and hypotensive effects of Momordica charantia Linn (Cucurbitaceae) whole-plant aqueous extract in rats.

  • J. OjewoleS. O. AdewoleG. Olayiwola
  • Medicine, Biology
    Cardiovascular journal of South Africa : official journal for Southern Africa Cardiac Society [and] South African Society of Cardiac Practitioners
  • 2006
The findings of this experimental animal study indicate that the plant extract possesses hypoglycaemic and hypotensive properties, and therefore, lend pharmacological credence to folkloric, ethnomedical uses of the plant in the management and/or control of diabetes mellitus and hypertension in some rural African communities.

Long term effects of aqueous stem bark extract of Cissus populnea (Guill. and Per.) on some biochemical parameters in normal rabbits

In vivo clinical trials involving oral daily administration of crude aqueous extracts of cissus populnea to grouped sprague-dawley rabbits at two dose levels of 200 and 600 gkg-1 body weight over a

Effect Of Garcinia Kola Seed Alkaloid Extract On Levels Of Gonadal Hormones And Pitutary Gonadotrophins In Rat Serum

The experiments showed that serum LH, FSH and prolactin levels were lower, while estradiol and progesterone levels were higher, than control values in females, suggesting a possible antifertility consequence of treatment with GKA.

Serum and semen zinc levels in normozoospermic and oligozoospermic men.

Lower serum zinc is more common than formerly appreciated in unselected patients with infertility and the lack of correlation between sperm count and semen zinc found in this study suggests that mild zinc deficiency may lower serum zinc while the larger prostatic zinc stores remain unaffected.