Determination of the basic optical parameters of ZnSnN(2).

  title={Determination of the basic optical parameters of ZnSnN(2).},
  author={Fuling Deng and Hongtao Cao and Lingyan Liang and Jun Li and Junhua Gao and Hongliang Zhang and Ruifeng Qin and Caichi Liu},
  journal={Optics letters},
  volume={40 7},
Polycrystalline ZnSnN(2) thin films were successfully prepared by DC magnetron sputtering at room temperature. Both the as-deposited and annealed films showed n-type conduction, with electron concentration varying between 1.6×10(18) and 2.3×10(17)  cm(-3) and the maximum mobility of 3.98  cm(2)  V(-1) s(-1). The basic optical parameters such as the… CONTINUE READING