Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Optically Active Compounds by Means of X-Rays

  title={Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Optically Active Compounds by Means of X-Rays},
  author={J. M. Bijvoet and A. F. Peerdeman and A. J. van Bommel},
Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Optically Active Compounds by Means of X-Rays 

Determination of the absolute chirality of tellurium using resonant diffraction with circularly polarized x-rays

It is demonstrated that positive and negative circularly polarized x-rays at the resonant energy of tellurium can be used to absolutely distinguish right from leftTellurium.

Absolute chirality of the γ-polymorph of glycine: correlation of the absolute structure with the optical rotation.

Crystal specimens of the γ-polymorph of achiral glycine which crystallize in space groups P31 and P32 as determined by the anomalous X-ray scattering method are shown to be laevorotatory and

The conformation of non-aromatic ring compounds XXVI the absolute configuration of 2α,3β-dibromo-5α-cholestane

The absolute configuration of 2α, 3β-dibromo-5α-cholestane has been determined using the anomalous dispersion of X-rays by the bromine atoms. The results agree with the generally accepted

Stereochemistry of optically active compounds. Problems and prospects

The review is concerned with the fundamental ideas and concepts of chiral stereochemistry, i.e., of the stereochemistry dealing with optically active compounds, from the asymmetric synthesis to the

Absolute structure determination of compounds with axial and planar chirality using the crystalline sponge method.

The absolute stereochemistry of compounds with axial and planar chirality is successfully determined by the crystalline sponge method without crystallization or derivatization of the compounds. This

Absolute configuration of (+)-1-amino-1-methylpropylphosphonic acid

ConclusionThe absolute configuration of (+)-1-amino-1-methylpropylphosphonic acid and its (+)-diethyl ester is S in the Cahn -Ingold -Prelog system.

The x-ray structural investigation of alkaloids I. Molecular structure and absolute configuration of (+)-cocculine

SummaryAn x-ray structural investigation of the alkaloid (+)-cocculine in the form of the hydrobromide has been performed. The bond lengths and valence angles are the usual ones. The conformations of

Chirality determination from X-ray powder data—diastereomeric co-crystals of mandelic acid and proline amide

Diastereomeric co-crystals of the title compounds display sufficiently different powder diffractograms in order to determine the absolute configuration of one of the two crystal formers. Selective



The Optical principles of the diffraction of X-rays

W~hrend W. L. Bragg im ersten, 1933 erschienenen Bande dieses grossangelegten Werkes eine allgemeine ()-bersicht fiber das ganze Gebiet der RSntgenstrahibeugung an Kristallen gab und dabei besonderes