Determination of phytoplankton composition using absorption spectra.

  title={Determination of phytoplankton composition using absorption spectra.},
  author={R Mart{\'i}nez-Guijarro and Isabel Romero and M Pach{\'e}s and Julio Gonz{\'a}lez Del Rio and Cristina Mart{\'i} and G Gil and A Ferrer-Riquelme and Jos{\'e} Ferrer},
  volume={78 3},
Characterisation of phytoplankton communities in aquatic ecosystems is a costly task in terms of time, material and human resources. The general objective of this paper is not to replace microscopic counts but to complement them, by fine-tuning a technique using absorption spectra measurements that reduces the above-mentioned costs. Therefore, the objective proposed in this paper is to assess the possibility of achieving a qualitative determination of phytoplankton communities by classes, and… CONTINUE READING