Determination of organic and inorganic anions in aqueous media by ion chromatography


Solving the task of rapid evaluation of the quality of water used in the pharmaceutical industry requires development of fast and highly sensitive techniques capable of determining the ion composition of water, including chlorides, nitrates, sulfates, acetates, etc., the analysis of organic ions encountering the most difficulty [1]. In connection with this, it is important to elaborate a method capable of combined determination of organic (acetate, succinate) and inorganic (chloride, sulfate) ions in aqueous solutions based on ion chromatography. The conditions of anion detection in water depend on their concentration, relative content of various ions, the presence of masking substances, and some other factors. For this reason, analysis of each new object requires thorough selection of the optimum conditions for separation and determination of the ion composition components.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02508291

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