Determination of nucleic acid backbone conformation by 1H NMR.

  title={Determination of nucleic acid backbone conformation by 1H NMR.},
  author={Seong Gon Kim and Lawrence J Lin and Brian R. Reid},
  volume={31 14},
In DNA or RNA duplexes, the six-bond C3'-O3'-P-O5'-C5'-C4'-C3' backbone linkage connecting adjacent residues contains six torsion angles (epsilon, zeta, alpha, beta, gamma, delta) but only four protons. This seriously limits the ability to define the backbone conformation by NMR using purely 1H-1H distance geometry (DG) methods. The problem is further compounded by the inability to assign two of the four backbone protons, namely the poorly resolved H5' and H5'' protons, and invariably leads to… CONTINUE READING

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